A BeVivid Point-of-View on Search Engine Optimisation

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Here is a question…“What are your thoughts on the differences between SEO companies vs web design and programming companies that do SEO?”

The differences aren’t obvious to the untrained eye – but there are many key areas in SEO that non web developers simply cannot do!

Successful SEO is about a combination of many disciplines – design, programming, articles off site, relevance, inbound links, page rank, social networking links and user generated content to name but a few.

Here are just a few of a very long and complex list that we recommend as part of our website programming and advanced SEO projects:

The above list is just a small part of successful SEO but there are some key points amongst them.  Bold* identify built-in SEO programming areas the SEO marketers cannot do unless they have access to the programming source code and therefore access to your data.

External SEO companies cannot help on the programming optimisation because they are normally approached after a site is ‘complete’ and further advanced SEO is then identified as an urgent requirement.

Built-in SEO programming can only usually be completed successfully by the web developer when the site is under construction, or, better still, considered in the design prior to development.

Ironically the items marked with bold* above are rather important parts of basic SEO. That’s not saying that SEO cannot be achieved without looking at these items, however it will take a lot more time and money to achieve the same goals, without considering design and development first.

These 2 types of SEO marketing rarely cross paths because you can achieve effective results doing both independently. What I mean is, web developers can do their SEO, and if it is successful the website owner doesn’t need to look for an SEO specialist. However if a web developer hasn’t done a good job SEO-wise, then the SEO marketeer can do SEO marketing their way. Both achieve results… yet in both scenarios only one type of SEO is used.

Imagine what can be achieved when both methods are integrated from concept through to 1 year after launch!!

There are no magic answers for SEO. Anyone who promises the earth is unrealistic and by tomorrow their technique will be out of date or blacklisted. Many clients want the magic answer – but I’m afraid it doesn’t exist.

What I can say though is that the BeVivid team has designed, programmed and SEO’d over 150 websites using as many SEO techniques as the client’s budget allows. This means we get a good indication of what SEO techniques work and what do not.

Does it work? Today, 13/10/09, it does: type in Thomas the tank into Google. Our client’s relatively small e-commerce website, www.thomasthetankshop.co.uk, is on the first page; number 5, out of over 6 million. And if you do a Google UK search, number one – page one.

Thomas the tank on Google

Thomas the tank on Google

External SEO companies can be good at long term SEO once the site is up to scratch – it’s horses for courses as they say…

Written by Peter L Riches, Managing Director of BeVivid Limited. Integrated Website Design, Programming and SEO. www.bevivid.co.uk

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